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Planet of Doom

Download Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom

(contains builds for Windows, Linux and Mac)

The Story So Far

You are Splorf, Space Corp Sanitation Engineer 5th class, Lavatorial Division. a small yet vital cog in the corporate machine. Another 20 years spent fixing toilets in the lower levels of Methane Station, and you could possibly have made 4th class engineer.

That all changed today, when you were volunteered for a mission to repair the disintegration fence above Planet Doom!

Working quickly to fix the damaged shield generator before evil space pirates steal the precious gas resources from the planet below, you suddenly see your company issued spanner drifting off towards the planet.

Misplacing company property would result in your pay being docked, or being sent to work in the Splort mines! not a tempting prospect.

Using your jetpack you desperately follow the spanner into a particularly pungent gasteroid field - just as the now fully operational disintegration fence above you turns itself back on...


On the title screen, press X to start the game or C to read the info scroller.

Pressing X ingame will make Splorf move upwards, away from the planet surface.

Releasing X will make Splorf drop towards the planet.


Programming and graphics by Roy Fielding

Music by Chris Donnelly

Original C64 game by Andreas Gustafsson (code)
and Vanja Utne (music and graphics)

Thanks to:

Paul Nicholas
Morgan McGuire
Justin Ray
Urban Monk
Dylan Bennet

(C) Roy Fielding & Pond Software Ltd. 2018 - C64 TTF font by Style