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This playable demo works on both PAL and NTSC:

Download Goblin (9 level demo version)

The full game will be released
on disk and tape in 2022.

The Story So Far...

"All the potatoes are gone!"

Skwyrrl's voice echoed through the tunnels.

"Someone left the pantry door unlocked, and now all the potatoes are gone!"

Who could have taken the potatoes? The goblins all had their theories.

Was it the mushroom people? Was it perhaps the frost trolls? The flame trolls? Could it be the giant bloodsucking bugs?

Sawspan was just about to point out that trying to suck blood from a potato probably wouldn't work, when Skwyrrl interrupted her train of thought.

"Maybe it was the barrow-skellingtons!"

"Don't be daft", said Sawspan, "skellingtons don't need to eat."

"I obviously know that", Skwyrrl retorted, "and YOU know that, but here's the thing, do the SKELLINGTONS know that?"

"I hope it wasn't the Thing in the water with the tentacles and the teeth", whispered Steve.

Everyone shuddered.

The Thing in the water with the tentacles and the teeth certainly needed to eat. The annual water polo tournament had been cancelled for good after last year's fiasco.

"Anyway", said Skwyrrl, "we need those potatoes back right now or we're going to starve. Do we have any volunteers?"

"I think Smallest should volunteer!", Second Smallest squeaked quickly before anyone had the time to speak, or remember that Second Smallest had been the last goblin to use the pantry yesterday.

Skwyrrl nodded.

"All those in favour of Smallest Goblin volunteering?"

A forest of green hands instantly shot in the air. Second Smallest raised both his hands.

"Twentyteen... Thirtyleventy... Numptyfour..."

"Right, that's 62 votes for and one vote against. Quick, grab the volunteer..."


Use a joystick in port 2 to move.

Press fire to jump.

Push up to leave through an open door, up/down to climb ladders.

Good luck, and watch out for bats!


Programming, sound and graphics by Vanja Utne

Beta testers:

Roy Fielding
Tom Roger Skauen
David Almer
Hallgeir Holst

(C) Vanja Utne & Pond Software Ltd. 2021 - C64 TTF font by Style