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The Story So Far...

Humpy's gut was growling. He had a hunger for mushrooms, and he knew just where to find the biggest and most delectable mushrooms - in Stumpy's cave!

The only problem was that Stumpy, the mean old curmudgeon, didn't want anyone going near his cave. How unfair, thought Humpy, why should Stumpy have all the best mushrooms to himself?

Surely he would never notice if Humpy tasted just a few...and besides, those horror stories about Stumpy's pet shark (or was it a crocodile?) probably weren't true at all...


You must try to keep Humpy from getting knocked into the water, since he doesn't want to be eaten by Stumpy's pet crocodile (or was it a giant octopus?)

Using a joystick in port 2, pressing fire will make Humpy jump.

If the wind blows Humpy away from the rock in the water during a jump, you can move your joystick left/right and try to make it back to the rock.


Programming, music and graphics by Roy Fielding

Background and intro graphics by Vanja Utne

Beta testers:

Graham Axten
Andreas Gustafsson
Robin Harbron

(C) Roy Fielding & Pond Software Ltd. 2016 - C64 TTF font by Style